Taranaki Winter Wedding Video

There's something quintessentially kiwi about getting married in small town New Zealand - especially for those who have a connection to the place. Eli, a farmer from the middle of the sparsely populated southern Taranaki dairy heartland, met Susannah one night during one of his rare forays in the big smoke. Fate, it seems.

From the moment he spied her out from across the room, he knew she was someone he'd like to meet. Guys like Eli are made of stuff from yesteryear, where men did the courting, social media only for those priveleged enough to actually have a cell phone signal. Eli's tools of the trade are his values, his great sense of humour and hospitable nature. He makes everyone feel welcome.

From there, as they say, the rest is history. We'll leave their Highlights Film to fill in a bit of their story.

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